Reconditioned and Remanufactured Pallets

Our company offers a “Recycle” program where we will haul your used and discarded pallets off your property, saving our customers money on dumpsters and unsightly ground clutter. This allows our company the opportunity to rehabilitate pallets and sell them at a cost savings to our customers.  The program allows us to keep costs down and be more competitive. 


Middlefield Pallet Inc. realized several years ago that there was a real need to keep pallet costs low for our customers.  With this in mind, we developed a “Repair and Return” Program that allows us to accomplish this goal.  This program allows our company to recycle pallet materials and then refurbish this material into an astounding price saving product for our customers.  Our company accomplishes this goal using a couple of different methods.
One method is by purchasing marketable used pallets from small vendors and businesses that have no further need for them.  This allows us to recycle valuable material and our vendors do not have the cost of disposing of them.
Another method is to purchase loads of scrap pallets from our customers when we deliver pallets to their yard.  We then return the load to our manufacturing plant where we refurbish them to a quality that is acceptable in our industry.  This allows our customers to purchase back lower cost pallets and not have the cost of disposing of the raw material.
No raw material goes to waste.  If we are not able to market the scrap pallets, we chip the material and sell that product.  Middlefield Pallet Inc. strongly believes in recycling material to keep our country “green”.