New & Recycled Pallets


New and Recycled Pallets

Middlefield Pallet Inc. is your one call for an economical shipping platform.  We offer a variety of packaging options and full service to our customers’ pallet needs.

New Pallets

With three automated pallet nailing machines, our company is able to produce over one million pallets and skids annually with high quality craftsmanship.  Whether our customer needs 100 pallets or full truckloads, we can produce quality products, on time every time, anywhere in the United States or Eastern Canada.  Because we are fully automated, we can guarantee prompt delivery with the consistency of machine nailed pallets.

In addition to pallet, skids and crates, we have a complete inventory of cut to size industrial lumber, pine lumber and engineered wood products.

Middlefield Pallet Inc. also offers clean and dry products to prevent contamination in our customer’s buildings, especially in the food industry.  We manufacture and deliver products that are ready for use the same day.  Our company prides ourselves on good quality customer care.



Recycled Pallets

Since our customer base has grown tremendously, we have a dedicated building for working exclusively with recycled pallets.  Our company offers a “Recycle” program where we will haul your used and discarded pallets off your property, saving our customers money on dumpsters and unsightly ground clutter. This allows our company the opportunity to rehabilitate pallets and sell them at a cost savings to our customers.  The program allows us to keep costs down and be more competitive.  We specialize in the 48 x 40 GMA pallets.